Thursday, November 14, 2013

Watch This Space

Yesterday was a Maker's on the rocks kind of day. Yesterday split me open a little and a little of me spilled out. I'm not a "sharer". I don't cry. I don't yell. I keep my emotions very neatly wrapped up like perfectly organized bamboo baskets full of steaming and precisely cooked shu mai.  Not so yesterday.

My grips are falling. The metal is rusting, the rubber eroding, the ropes fraying.

Yesterday I took one hand off and swung a bit. Threw my head back and felt what so many people must feel every day! I felt my emotions and I acted on them and I tore my armor and let the air in and I didn't feel a million creepy bugs crawling around in my belly. I didn't want to throw up. And I wasn't embarrassed (But I probably should be. People: I just don't know how to act sometimes.).

When I left work yesterday I knew bourbon was in my future. Warm and beautiful and laced intricately with some of the very best memories of my life.

That one drink shared with a gorgeous woman who knows me and keeps my heart close to hers, was bliss. It was otherworldly. Surreal.

The light I let in let me see something. It told me something. You know that feeling of excitement and electric energy moving through you quickly in pulses you couldn't begin to measure the speed of? It felt like that. It felt like I knew I was getting the best Christmas present in the whole wide world.

Yesterday was a revelation. Today begins the revolution. (I couldn't resist)

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Anonymous said...

Please do say there is more to come!