Monday, November 4, 2013

4th Grade Teacher Crush

I met with Penelope's teacher this morning after a failed Halloween afternoon appointment with her. What was I thinking not canceling that shit anyway? Anyway. We got together today and I am still reeling.

She is every bit as wonderful as Penelope says she is. She is strong and blond and beautiful and engaging and willing to do whatever she can to help my kid.

She didn't flinch when I told her we don't expect Penelope to be an academic. That instead we expect her to be happy and successful. She didn't flinch when I told her that my kid's incredible reading ability is for function only, that reading for story and pleasure couldn't appeal less to her.

She actually read all of the information I sent to her on girls with Fragile X. She wrote down everything. We made a plan so PJ doesn't have to see her pretty shitty grades on math tests and reading comprehension tests. The plan will give my girl confidence and not break her stride.

We made coordinated gagging sounds over the motherfucking Common Core.

She told me Penelope is gentle. That she doesn't raise her voice. That she is polite and helpful and raises her hand to answer every single question that gets asked in class. She also told me that if she needs to know what went down during the many, many drama-fueled 4th grade outbursts in class, she asks PJ for the truth. Ever watchful, observant student of human nature, PJ.

And she also agreed to come to speak to the class about Fragile X (Penelope's idea). She asked if I would do it for the whole grade so all the kids and all the teachers can benefit.

I'm gonna be smitten for a while with this one.

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