Friday, November 22, 2013

The Prince Had A Birthday

You are five. You are five and I am still here, still sane. I didn't die of grief, I didn't lose my mind.

I have grown with you, changed with you and learned to be a better person, friend, wife and mother.

You are five and you walk around the house saying "luff you, mum". You hand out kisses to random and available body parts as you float by. You say "come 'ere! Follow me!" when you don't' want to take those little trips up and down the stairs alone.

You tell us to "STOP IT!" when we're pissing you off and demand hugs when it's just too much to stand there by yourself not being hugged.

You swallow pills and tolerate nasal spray. We can brush your hair, clip your nails and clean your ears without needing a propofol drip to keep you calm. You prefer soft pants and striped shirts and you let us know these things when we're helping you get ready.

You do your homework. You ride the bus. You make choices in the cafeteria and you have friends.

You adore your grandpa, sharks, whales Woody and Buzz and anything made of chocolate (or cheese. or pasta.)

And oh my god you love us! Lincoln, your trust and openness and complete devotion to our family has made us impossible to defeat. Every one of us basks in your wonder! We all strive to meet your level of awesome. You carry us through and are always waiting on the other side with your sparkling eyes, a sweet, soft touch and that smile.

Thank you, baby boy. Thank you for coming and staying and saving us. Thank you for showing us magic.


Anonymous said...

Awww such awesomeness;)

Todd Hornbaker said...

Awwww such awesomeness;)