Monday, January 9, 2012

Go ahead, ask me

As a know-it-all, I mostly get through my days just fine. No annoying questioning of my choices or actions.

I have always been a know-it-all, too. Just ask my brother, the one who'd push me down a flight of stairs for being "smart" aka "calling him a dick".

But now, knocking on the door of my 42nd birthday, I am finally realizing that this is just another one of my shields. Another layer of protection. And worse? It's cracking and it has to get knocked down with all of my other brilliantly designed (if I do say so myself) facades.

This in no way demeans my SMARTEST PERSON IN THE ROOM status, by the way. I still *do* know pretty much everything, but I'm going to try to own it more and not make all of you buy it. Get it?


Anonymous said...

I love how much your writing

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD this new revelation does not demean your Smartest Person in the Room status. Thank GOD!