Sunday, August 26, 2012

The stylish 60 something woman with the empty 22oz Kingfisher beer bottle in front of her sitting at the table next to us at the Indian restaurant tonight may have just changed my life.

I saw her watching us out of the corner of her eye from the time we were seated till our entrees were served. When our meals were over and my kids tumbled out of their seats to the bathrooms (an irresistible spot in any eatery for my peeps) she leaned over and said: They're very good kids! I'm impressed! They have great palates."  Yes, she said 'palates'. I loved her immediately.

She asked where we were from and it turns out, she has grandchildren who live very near to us and the topic  turned to schools and public education and she said she had been a Special Ed teacher for 25 years.

I told her my sweet Link had Fragile X and she was gobsmacked. Couldn't believe it.  I loved her even more.

Link and Ruby had found a stash of toys near the bathroom and they were (he) were going for it. I told the woman that I give the kids (him) quite a long leash; that I push boundaries and see what he's capable of. Then her husband piped in. "Dam straight!" He belted out. "Let him go! Who cares what people think!" Then I wanted to crawl into his lap, too.

I suppose she read the look on my face and that's when she said it.

"It's just a moment for other people. It's *your* life. Don't let it get to you."

MY life. Their MOMENT

Life vs. Moment.  Life's gonna win every time.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that lady, too! (and her husband)