Friday, August 20, 2010

Cape Cod. Part II

Despite the raggedy-bitch-episode, the ice cream was so nice, we had it twice.

We shopped for toys, touristy sweatshirts and ate lobster quesadilla. Lincoln ate sand, barked at seagulls and guzzled salt water. He stood for 4 seconds on his own, smiled for the camera (on command) and fell in love with Roxy the dog.

Penelope fell into the deep-end of the pool, fully clothed and did not freak out. I repeat: DID NOT FREAK OUT. She laid down in the waves and filled her bathing suit with the ocean floor. She hugged her cousins with abandon and rocked out with Maggie to Taylor Swift.

Ruby took the lead, swam like a fish and snuck cookies like a 10 year old should. She tanned her face, walked on the beach at night and saw shooting stars.

And I got to enjoy the sturdy, easy comforts of my cousins and their amazing & beautiful children.

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