Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cape Cod. Part I

Lincoln shrieks now. SHRIIIIEEEEEKS. Mostly when he's tired. Sometimes when he's overwhelmed. Occasionally when he's hot or hungry. Hard telling, though. Kid can't talk, so we guess.

Anyway, when the very pregnant woman walked into the very crowded ice cream shop to "get away from a kid who was screaming its head off"; I knew she had experienced my sweet guy, my sweet screamy guy.

Little bit later when we were sitting on a bench outside the shop and baby boy was eschewing PJ's red-raspberry-swirl-yogurt-with-rainbow-sprinkles for my triple-chocolate-with-jimmies, preggo lady walks by. Yup. Universe gave me a shot and I took it. Hit the fucker out of the park, too.

It my nice-y, nicest I say "good luck with you baby!" She turns, smiles, sees Link in my lap. Turns away as her mother (mother in law? Aunt? I dunno) goes "make that BABIES!"


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