Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ton. Of. Bricks. I get it...


This is my brain on diagnosis. Our family has been told that the first few months are the worst. That this is when we will grieve.

I've never been swayed by people who have written things like "I couldn't type the words" or "It was too much for me to bear".
Oh, the taste is bitter now that I truly, deeply know what that feels like.

There are scenarios in my head that are so crushingly sad. I get caught off guard every second of the day by words, phrases, images and sounds that remind me what my baby boy may never get to be. To do. To have.

The things he may be? May have? I don't give a shit right now. Right now he's my baby.

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Anonymous said...

And he's a sweet, sweet baby, baby.