Friday, June 8, 2012

There are a bunch of bullies where I work. A bunch of the worst kind of bully: The kind that thinks they're not only smarter & better than you, they also believe they're stronger.

These fucks walk around, heads high, know-it-all-ness all shined up and mesmerizing to those less inclined to think for themselves. And they get those duped souls to line the hell up and sip the intoxicating (poisonous?) elixir of the madness they spill.

And get this! People follow them! They don't fight them! They don't stand up and challenge because the bullies act the part and are revered (feared?).

Why all the drama, mama? These assholes are MD's. Pediatricians. And they think they do a better job of parenting your kid than you do. And they are scaring and shaming parents into undertaking invasive newborn treatments for their just birthed babies. And they're doing it by fear and coercion. With one-side research and cries to burn at the stake all that don't comply.

Shhhhh! be quiet, I want to tell you something. A secret: I hate the nursery and all its scrubbed clean babies wrapped in industrial washed blankets in shitty wooden cribs and I hate those f'n doctors in there even more.

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