Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vegas, baby

On our way to Las Vegas (and during the 36 hours the hot husband and I were there) last week, I was struck by many, many things. Here are a few (in no particular order):

1. People who own iPads and use them while eating chicken wings are bad, bad people
2. Nominees for an Emmy Award in the "Best Actor" in a drama category shouldn't be flying in row 22 of Jet Blue
3. Bloody Mary's taste mighty fucking good at 11am
4. It is possible to not eat for 24 hours and drink like a fish instead and NOT puke, pass out OR have a hangover
5. Watching your husband in a smokin hot tuxedo run on-stage to win his third Emmy is still spine-tingling
6. Having sex three times (oooo! it IS a lucky number) in one day, really goddamn good sex, mind you, is still on the table
7. Making small talk is impossible these days. IMPOSSIBLE. I used to be great in a crowd...
8. Unlimited champagne for $5 doesn't suck
9. Being 6000 miles away from Lincoln was suffocating at times
10. Tony Orlando and that friggin song made me cry like a baby

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