Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I guess I can kiss those political aspirations good-bye

By the time I get to the garage at work, I am so filled up with rage and hopelessness... Getting up at 5 am is not my favorite. And it's really not my favorite after an unpredictable night of sleeping by my sweet babe. I get in the car half asleep with not nearly enough coffee coursing through my veins and the gerbil starts runnin'.

It starts running and I start thinking about the folks I will invariably encounter at work who I now refer to as "assholes with perfect babies". If I were Mel Gibson, I'd scream into these motherfucker's telephones to SUCK IT. Oh, God. This business with Link has shaken my foundations.

My instinct at work is no longer to help selflessly. It's to play defense. I catch myself and move on... mostly. The other day I called a Dr. a prick in front of his patient and I told family members to GET OUT OF THE ROOM!

Right now, I hate going there. My car basically pulls itself into a parking space and I haul my disgruntled, depressed ass out of it and into the building. I put my scrubs on and i spend the day trying not to cry.

It's hard to change your dreams. It's hard to re-write the stories we imagine our children can create. Closing chapters, erasing endings, middles, beginnings. It's hard.

And it is made especially hard when I get driven into my fucking face on a daily basis seemingly typical babies born to heavy smokers, drug addicts, 15 year olds with families who couldn't care less... It's just, sad. I'm sad there almost all the time.

So, anyway, these assholes. All puffed up and ignorant playing a revolting game of "Whoever Makes the Most Drama Wins". Wins what? Certainly not the baby. They're not there for their perfect babies, they're there for the spectacle, to be able to tell the story. And. I . Can't. Take. It.

Pity the nice, loving, devoted-to-the-new-life-about-to-emerge families. This bleeding heart is just about packed up and moved out.

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