Saturday, March 8, 2008


WARNNG: Rant Ahead

It's a mystery to me how I developed an innate sense of this; my parents were kind of, irrational, and didn't offer much in the way of a delicate journey down the path of righteousness. They yelled a lot. My mom was a spanker. My dad was an OVER REACTOR. I mean, they did fine. But let's be clear and state for the record, that there would be no emulating, m'kay?

Along the way, I got it anyway: You give, you get. And that most certainly applies in the area of respect. This would work like a charm for me for months and years and then BA-BOOM, an asshole would appear on the horizon and my magical bubble of reciprocity would burst and shower me in a soapy mess of disappointment. High school principals, mortgage brokers, babysitters, friends, managers, nursing school instructors... all could offend. But hey! I'm all freakin' positive and shit and I could always find someone, something to bring the love right back home and once again prance down my merry path of blissful alltogetherness.

So what the fuck is wrong with OB's??!?!?!?? I have never. In. My. Life. Met a sorrier bunch of I'mbettherthanyous. Is this a doctor thing? Is that god complex crap correct? Does this lot really, really believe that strutting around in gummy clogs and silly white coats full o' 'tude means something?

We're the ones caring for your patients, watching, waiting, caring. We speak to your patients like people! Ha! We explain, demystify, comfort. Why you gotta be such a dick?

The next time you tell your patients (in front of me, no less) that the nurse made a mistake, I'm going to tell her that the reason you have 17 tubes up her vagina & 37 monitors hooked up to her and her baby is not because you care, it's because you're afraid of getting SUED. Deal?

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