Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey, baby!

I go back to work tonight after something like 5 nights off. In. A. Row.
It was my attempt at normalizing a sleep schedule, spending some sweet, simple time with my girls and CELEBRATING MY HUSBAND'S 40TH.

Well, at least I got the last one right. Whoooo, baby. UNH.

I can't sleep for shee-it. I've been premenstrual like you read about. New equation: mommy=monster.

Good news? Gonna (hope, hope) get my mitts on some brand new baby.

They're sooooo wet and so wiggly sometimes that I have to clutch them to me so they don't fly out of my arms by the time I get them to the warmer. I work in a really MEDICAL hospital with a lot of RULES so these babes more often then not get to spend their first minutes of life with me while I suss 'em out, take their vitals and (I * hate* this part) give them their shots and eye ointment.

What a guilty fucking pleasure. Kinda sick, kinda sweet that I'm usually baby talking at them before their mamas are... oooof, acutally feeling a bit sick about that as I type it out (or maybe that's the coffee w/ Coffee Mate I'm slugging?).

Well, this isn't going as planned... I wanted to gush about this MY MOST FAVORITIST PART OF MY JOB and instead, I pretty much feel like shit.

hurumph. That sucked.

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Pia said...

Reading your blog after just reading your newest first memory of my first born entering the world, after seeing him held up, still attached to me, is you calling him " muffin man". So much shit hit the fan after that....but muffin man is still one of my fondest memories :)