Thursday, January 22, 2015

I will drive great distances to have a margarita with my friends. It's my favorite cocktail (closely followed by a gin & tonic). Both are good with almost any food and are fantastic all by themselves.  I don't drink milk unless it's in a bowl of cereal or with a very chocolatey-cakey-brownie thing and then it has to be skim and it has to be ice cold.

Water is my favorite. It goes with everything. Coke over Pepsi for sure but only with savory things (or on its own). I drink coffee every day but I don't drink it with food unless it's a dessert or some kind of breakfast pastry. Never coffee with eggs. Never. Orange juice with eggs.

Wine (red or white) is right up there with water. Seltzer (flavored or unflavored) is nuzzled up in second place.

Anyway. Thought I'd put all that in your head, too.

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