Friday, December 6, 2013

Teen Beat

I love teenage girls. I could bathe in them, eat them up and sleep wrapped in their impossibly long legs and hair for weeks on end. I love teenage girls. There is no match for their passion, their joy and rage. They are fearless and funny and smart and sweet.

Walking through the mall yesterday with Ruby and her friend I realized this should be mandatory, this hanging out with teenagers thing.  Should be prescribed under the treatment heading: For Restorative Purposes.

They like their music as loud as I like mine. They are boy crazy like I am man crazy. They crave sugary, hot coffee things with even sweeter things to eat along side. They try out their wit, they make the joke, they punt.

And they need their mothers. They lust for them. Search for them with their eyes and smartphones when they're out of their line of vision.

And when they find us all of those long arms are all over us offering to carry bags and share sightings of cute boys and nice make-up and fabulous coats, boys, boots, sweaters and adorable kids, babies, senior citizens and boys.

I had no idea this part would be so much fun. Thanks, Universe. Really.

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