Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My eternal +1

This having a kid thing really has its perks. The other night, the delicious oldest daughter let me take her and a friend to a concert. She keeps doing this, by the way. She keeps letting me in, listening to what I have to say, and then saying a whole bunch of brilliant stuff back that opens more and more avenues of connection. Connections thick like her glossy locks and her stares that see to everywhere.

So, with her approval, off we go to see Walk the Moon at Terminal 5 in NYC. Now this is a band I crammed into my head like Play Doh last summer. Is there a superlative for the word 'repeat'? Because I need that word. Because that word is what I did with their album last summer and seeing them live with my daughter dropped me right back in that mobius strip of over and over awesome.

I don't think I'm alone when I say that getting old doesn't really appeal to me (and I mean, losing touch, relevancy, a connection to popular culture). This is so hard to articulate for some reason. I think maybe because when I was Ruby's age I remember looking to everyone else for myself.

But that now that I am who I am I can BE WHO I AM. I can!

This show was my favorite so far. Ruby was familiar with the venue so she staked out our spot. She held her ground and dug in deep and the kid nailed it. Every once in a while I'd move my eyes from the stage and check our crew and we were all up to our eyeballs in the show. All singing and dancing and jumping and fist pumping and smiling and sweating.

That I get to have this now, this revelry in my vessels...

She gives this to me. My child. She listens and opens the door for me and makes a super cozy spot on the couch right next to her so we can be and get our brains blown open with talent and grace and humility and gratitude.

During the show I fell in love with everyone about a thousand times. And every time that girl of mine looked my way or touched me I won the whole world.

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this post made me Shiver.