Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Plymouth 2013, Day 2: The Wedding Part I

The hotel we stayed in had an indoor pool. A pool of any type is KEY in keeping my boy centered (and exhausted) while we're away. PJ loves it, too. Her Fragile X has made her a born "rehearser". The kid tries and tries and tries and tries till whatever she set out to do, is done perfectly. Right now she's trying to nail down her back-stroke and the butterfly (both of which she taught herself).

So after a hilarious early morning run to the Dunkin down the street from the hotel (Why so funny you ask?  While me and Link and P. are eating our bagels and donuts and cappuccinos with extra shots of expresso, burly dude after burly dude comes in and orders iced-blueberry-mocha-lattes with extra cream and three splendas and double chocolate coolattas with whipped cream. Who are these men?!? These are men who are not afraid to be associated with fancy coffees, that's who! These are Massachusetts men! I was so wishing my grumpy, sleeping, leggy Ruby was there so she could share in the madness with me) we suited up and headed to the pool.

If you have never experienced the jhoooshing, and wheeeeshes and mmmmmmmms of a twisting and tensing and smiling and spitting 5 year old Fragile X boy, than you have not yet been in the face of pure joy. The kid LOVES the water. And while PJ zoomed again and again and again down the pirate ship themed slide and flailed majestically across the deep end tightening up her dolphin kick, Link and I stood at the edge of the pool for what seemed like 10 million years jumping in and out and in and out of the pool's shallow side.

Time flew and before I knew it, we had grab Ruby and Mimi and eat up some lunch before the pre-wedding crunch of GETTING READY was upon us.

The easiest thing to do was to hit the hotel's restaurant. That goddamned place! Because as soon as we walked in, Link started fussing. Whining, squirming. I feel like there should be a world-wide Fragile X task force that reports to a centralized website on restaurants around the globe so we f'n know in ADVANCE that a place has crappy energy/vibes/atmosphere! Good thing there is wine. And that is all I can say about that.

So, yeah. Our hotel rooms were madness by the time we got back from lunch. All available cousins were primping and preening and teeming about. It was hectic. Link was running in and out of rooms and into the hallway. PJ was crying off and on about letting/not letting anyone help her with her hair/make-up. Ruby was pissed in general. Beautiful and pissed. I had no time for a shower after it was all said and done just a high-school-style-leg-shave-on-the-edge-of-the-tub. I don't even think I washed my face. Mean Ruby did my hair (beautifully) and we left. At 3. The wedding was supposed to start at 3.

It was 5 minutes from the hotel, if that. But I made sure we'd be extra late by missing the road. Twice.
When we arrived we flew into the venue and smack dab into the bride who was about to make her entrance. Classy.

Like a tornado, we careened towards some seats that happened to be RIGHT IN FRONT. Link, nap-free Link, was in my lap and about as relaxed as a greased octopus.

You know that part of a wedding ceremony when the officiant asks if there's anyone who thinks the couple should not be married? Well, this wedding's version went something like: Are we ready to witness the marriage of these two people? To which Lincoln Anthony Sgueglia promptly (and loudly replied) "NO!"  His beloved status within the family saved his blond ass from a mutiny, I am sure.

10 minutes later, he was asleep in Mimi's arms in a quiet, cozy part of the venue and remained thusly till his devastatingly handsome father (soaked from a 3 hour motor cycle ride in the rain) FINALLY arrived and calmed my heart and soul like an Alka Seltzer of love.

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I think I love your extended family, too!