Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Do you hear what I hear?

Remember the scene in Shrek when Donkey gets fairy dust sprinkled on him and he floats into the air and he yells "I can fly!" and the castle guard yells "He can talk!"? Well, that's pretty much what's been going on around here for the past few weeks. Yes weeks. I wanted to be sure.

It started one morning when sweet magic man and his genotype. phenotype twin sister, PJ
were leaving the house for the bus stop. PJ looked up the stairs from the landing to her dad and said "bye dad! love you!" And not missing a step, not a beat, Mr. Lincoln belts out: "bye dad! love you!".

Cue full on daddy love melt down. I was at work but I got the text and the phone call and the pride and shock and wonder my hot husband relayed was palpable.

When Link was a little, little baby, before we knew anything about his genetic anomalies, Chris was the first one to make him laugh. A glorious sound never before heard in nature and every single night after for weeks and weeks and weeks, as soon as Chris got home from work, I'd present him with the baby and say (my excitement flowing like electric shocks) "do it again! make him laugh!".

And so it has been with this talking thing. Every moment that I see him since the last time seeing him, I just sit and listen to him talk and look at his perfect face and mouth forming words and sentences:
"Mama! You back!" He yells when I get home from work.
"Mama? Are you?" When he can't find me.
"Me eat." When he's hungry.
"Pelpees bus." When PJ's comes first.
"Wake up, baby!" Trying to rouse the cat.

And then all the naming of all the things that have ever been invented:
"book, book, book, book..."
"light, light, light, light..."
"belly, belly, belly, belly.."

His proclivity to perseverate on the words he's saying is almost as if he's convincing himself that he's right; that he's making sure he has it correct in his fantastic brain. For now, it's adorable. Later, when it turns into:
"fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..."
"shit, shit, shit, shit..."
Probably not so adorable.

It's no secret that I have lamented his lack of verbal communication. That it is something that has made me so sad. That hearing his voice is a thing I have yearned for.

And now I have it! I got what I wanted AGAIN!


Anonymous said...

*Shivers* Stinkin' Lincoln strikes again!

Ellen said...

Just found this Love, brought tears. Russ's comment was she(you)swears! Me, I needed a tissue. Proud to be you friend as slight as it is due to me. Love you!

Ellen said...

ok so add a r to the you. I need to learn to proof read.