Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And it's not even my birthday

When I got home last night from "The Most Excellent Day Ever", Link greeted me with his newly perfected refrain of "Mom! Mom! Mommy! MUMMY! MUMMY!" As I snuggled him up into my arms, he told me a story about what he did the other day.

Let me repeat that: Lincoln Anthony Sgueglia told his mother a story. He used 3 words, and one sign. And he recounted something that happened to him! In the past!

I didn't cry (though I was absolutely incredulous); I just looked at him, really, really looked into his eyes and asked him if he just did what I thought he just did. Surprise, surprise: he didn't answer me.

Instead he proceeded to name all of the things in the room that he could: Wine! Roni! Bapple! Alex! Mummy! Beeee! Book!  And then he hit the deck and started rolling around on the floor asking me (in sign) to tickle him.



My kid is KILLER.

Oh! I suppose you want to know what he said! Ha! Here it goes:

"Drive. Cows, two! Mooooo!"

(Apparently, on their way to a Fall festival over the weekend at the camp my girls' go to, they passed some cows in a field. Lincoln was impressed)

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