Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stress can aggrevate your condition...

I don't have health insurance right now and I'm pissed. My hair has started falling out again.

I had a decent bout of alopecia areata in the early 90's that seriously fucked with my moshing career (hard to be all reckless and head-bangy when you're worried the cute guy in the tattoos thinks your patchy bald head is NASTY), and I fear it's back.

Now, as you may all know, I recently had a baby and am currently breastfeeding that baby around the clock; two things that can wreak havoc on one's hair.... but with my history, the confirmed alopecia diagnosis... I just don't think I can blame this on the baby, too.

So thanks to Google, I now believe I also have pernicious anemia and a thyroid condition. My kingdom for a complimentary CBC and a TSH!

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