Sunday, January 27, 2008

You keep on knockin'...

Jehovah's Witnesses were over yesterday. Again. And I'm pretty sure they'll be back; after all, this time, they got my husband to read SCRIPTURE.

We're Anti Theists (used to be Atheists, but thank you, Christopher Hitchens, we've seen the light. So to speak) and having The Witnesses over is a crackin' good time, I'll have you know.

How often in life do you get to debate from truly opposite sides? And besides, they intrigue me. What with all their "child training" and "help-meeting" and "slappings" and "God fearing-s" not to mention their faith in something that can neither be explained nor depicted; and to my amazement, they don't even care to try to do those things. You see: That's what faith is, silly woman.

They seem like good people, though. They love their kids. They care about their community and they've apparently deemed me and mine worthy of saving in these last days. How can I bitch about that?

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